I fell in love with the wolf


As I mentioned in my previous post we visited the Art Farm this weekend for the Pop Up Holiday Show. There were many different pieces of art from various artists, some local and not. I instantly fell in love with this wolf head pottery by Ed Brownlee and here is the facebook link. I was really drawn to the movement. I have it hanging on the wall in my studio.


The underside of it taken from my desk chair.


My sister had given me a pitcher made by Ed Brownlee also. I love it.


This is a fairy made by Lisa Vetter of the Art Farm. It is made from found objects. the vintage spice can, the wings are a strainer the legs are little spoons and the hat is made from a cut piece of metal from a decorative can. The feet are what called to me. She has put a page inside from an outdated far side calendar.


Here are their business cards made from old playing cards.


Quite clever!


Lastly I have to show my minion given to me from Sam. I love it also. I will put it beside my Scooby-Doo that Kevin gave to me a few years ago.


A New Piece of Art


It has been a busy couple of weeks here at my home. Along with having Christmas a few days ago I started a part time job also, so we all have been getting into that routine. I hope everyone had a really nice Christmas, we certainly did. We spent Christmas Eve with my family. Lots of good food, a few games with White elephant gifts and then exchanging gifts. It was an unusually warm Christmas day that we spent time in the hot tub and grilled out on a new little grill for tailgaiting. Not your normal Christmas but really nice and relaxing. Now getting to my picture. I went with my sister to a place called The Art Farm where they were having a pop up show for the month of December. I was taken by this picture made with paper and sewing. I thought it would look fabulous in my bedroom with the cardinal. It was created b y an artist called Hannah Burnworth and here is her website.


A closer look with all the paper elements.


Closer yet and I have it on my wall and it looks as good as I envisioned it. I have gotten three different calendars for christmas and have been planning my hart fairs for 2016. My first should be in Elkhart in March. I will be ordering a new tent and also have a new vehicle coming to be able to pack and not have a hard time at all. The color of my new van is race red. Till next time and as always…thanks for stopping.

Magazines and Movies


Recently in the mail we received our AARP the magazine. I admit, I did not want to even think about getting this when I turned 50. You will start receiving info right after that birthday. My husband signed each of us up for it. The membership has come in handy when booking reservations for the discount and I really love the magazine. It is chock full of interesting information. I like to know about people and this has much of that and, of course info pertaining to people my age. People and history that has happened throughout my lifetime. Things I learned….. Burt Reynolds is coming out with an autobiography. Barbara Walters is 86 years old and is doing a new series called American Scandals. Robert DeNiro is costarring with Jennifer Lawrence in a new movie call Joy. For 2016 we all need to slow down to be healthier and happier. It had been 30 years since the space shuttle Challenger blew up. I remember that day vividly. There was a wonderful article about Diane Keaton. She has her own style and keeps redoing homes and adopted two children later in life, she is now 69 years old. AARP offers a free beauty and style magazine for your tablet, it is for women in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s plus. I am going to download it. It has short stories about people who are doing “their personal best” featuring Joan Collins, Muhammad Ali, Ruth Bader Ginsbug to name a few. And Patrick Dempsey is turning 50, Dolly Parton is 70 and Woody Allen is 80 and has been hired by Amazon Studios to create his first TV series. I love this magazine because it celebrates aging and shows that it is never too late to find your muse. 

kate and leopold

This was a recently watched movie that was cute and entertaining, that is really all I am looking for, no deeper meanings. It was based in New York City and Meg Ryan was in the present and Hugh Jackman was from the 1800’s, he is such a cutie! Their paths cross in a very irregular was that made for a good movie.

the goods

Since my husband is a car salesman now he wanted to watch this movie recommended by other car salesmen he works with. He got great entertainment out of it. Don’t watch it with the kids, it’s a bit dirty.

Used Cars

This is an oldie but goodie…1980. Amazon Prime is even charging for this one still. I think of my Dad with this movie, he loved it! He would just laugh and watched it many times.

Morning Glory

This one I watched on my Prime. I love Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford and then Low and Behold, there is Diane Keaton! Harrison Ford was such a grouch in this movie. Again it was light and entertaining.


As I was going through my pictures to post I came across this magazine cover that I had talked about before. Diane Keaton keeps it going….it’s just really great. I liked this…Diane Keaton on the art of being yourself. Amen to that! Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!


So Nice!


Yesterday, the 12th, was my birthday. I really had a great week starting last tuesday, when my son Sam brought home a beautifully decorated yummy 3 layer cake…..chocolate. I was taken out to dinner friday night and also had a couple of chocolate martinis. Facebook has just been loaded with good wishes and I received nice cards and some real surprises. My friend Colleen in Georgia sent a surprise package of goodies. This scarf is a perfect weight (I get too hot!) and beautiful vibrant colors. I fell in love with it.


Colleen is also my book buddy and when she reads a book that she likes she sends is on to me, as in the case of the middle book “The Grief of Others”. She also sent along the left book “Inspired” which I am looking forward to breaking in to. Inspirational short stories. I did a little shopping for me for my husband. I am fascinated with Theodore Roosevelt and want to know more about him. He had such energy and did much for the country and loved America. This is a trilogy and the first book of that group.


Then my neighbor brought over a can of cookies and candy. Everybody delved into that and then she had picked up these cute, cute clips with hand painted fun cats. She knows I am a cat lover and had to get them for me. I absolutely think they are great!! So I couldn’t ask for a better birthday. It was a great day! Thanks for sharing it with me. Surprises are so fun!


A little creating


I promised I would share the outcome of my blocks that I was painting. I am happy to say they were successful and I was pleased with the look.


I first stenciled the Y lightly and painted it black adding turquoise dots and tiny white dots.


I then stenciled the J red and added darker red stripes with white dots.


I signed and dated the backs adding a heart.


The O looks like a leaf wreath and I used colors that can be left out all year round. These were fun to make and I am going to make them to sell in my booth. Just the letters and then customers will have their own ideas about the words or names.


I found a tutorial online using Tim Holtz distress markers. Click here to view it. I didn’t know that distress markers stay wet for a long time. I liked this technique because by using the non-stick craft sheet and a large rubber background stamp that is a cling it adheres really well to the sheet for no slipping. I used a stamp that looked like Van Goghs starry night painting. I cut waterpaper paper 4 1/2 X 5 inches, the size of the stamp. I have a limited amount of distress markers but what I had made pretty colors. The tutorial said to color the stamp and then liberally mist the stamp. I was too liberal on the top papers. They are still usable though. I did it again and was very careful about spritzing and liked the result much better. I used the lower right on my project.


I made our niece Emily a birthday card. The sentiment and dog are by Stamps by Judith. The cake is a Katybug which is out of business and the candles are made by Westwater enterprises. It is an old stamp. I am submitting this to the Sweetstamps Anything Goes for December.


The inside I used some washi tape to make a banner and the sentiment is by Art Gone Wild and the pictures are by Magenta. I also used the Distress Markers to color in the pictures.


I wanted to share this picture of my cat Pavel. I just realized that his nose marking is in the shape of a heart! He is such a sweet, even tempered cat.  It works for him.  Thanks for stopping by!


Beautiful Season


Yesterday morning, December 11, 2015…gorgeous! This morning, December 12th, was a little warmer and cloudier but this is so unusual for Indiana. The people in the know tell us that the polar vortex is strong and is keeping the cold air up in Canada and Siberia for the time being. I wonder if this is what Florida is like at Christmas?


If you have been a reader you know that we lost 3 of our furry family members this year. Here are two of their boxes with their ashes.


We put the third on under the tree. Smoke absolutely loved Christmas and sleeping under the tree.


The three paw prints they make for you and we put string on and hung them as ornaments.


Put out the nativity on the table, the sleigh is our Christmas card holder. My brother in law Dave made that and it’s purpose was to hold a small poinsettia but I like it for the cards. I don’t want any of the cats to chew the poinsettia plant. Since I don’t have a manger I am creative as to where I am hanging the angle. Here she is on the lamp.


Then she is lit up at night.


Another little picture I rediscovered. Love this little primitive picture with the embroidery and applique.It’s a treat to look at. I hope you are enjoying the season. Thanks for stopping.

Camera Play

DSC_0339 - Copy

I have gotten all my decorating done and that is a good feeling. Now we can sit back and enjoy it. This morning I got the camera out to play with the modes and the tree lights. This one is no flash and a little movement.

DSC_0340 - Copy

Using flash, not nearly as pretty…too stark.

DSC_0341 - Copy

No flash, with no movement. It was too bright outside to get a good movement effect. The shutter wouldn’t stay open long enough and I didn’t want to go manual.

DSC_0347 - Copy

This is a snowman with lights in a much darker area.

DSC_0349 - Copy

Shutter stayed open longer and I moved the camera back and forth. I think that’s really neat.

DSC_0350 - Copy

Here it is with just two movements.

DSC_0354 - Copy

Little tree with colored lights in my husbands office. I liked the reflection of the lights in the window.


I shut the blind so it would be dark and moved the camera sideways.


I also moved it down. Reminds me of the glow sticks that can be bracelets or necklaces.


I then moved it up and down quickly. Nothing like some cheap amusement.


I had my son Kevin get some 2 X 4’s which are not exactly that size (a little puzzling) and cut and sand them. I saw blocks like these in a store front with paper letters on them. I am going to paint decorated letters and see how they turn out. I will keep you updated even if they don’t work out. This is my door paint color from the HGTV collection, I love it.


Books that I am reading right now. The Big Magic I received yesterday, it is written by the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Another artist recommended it and said that she will not view creating in the same way. The other book I received from my friend Colleen and it has been on my bedside table and it is high time I finish it. She greatly enjoyed it. I have also been watching my Roosevelt’s DVDs and love it all over again. I was sad when Theodore died at age 60. I am sad now because the USA is trying to recover from the Great Depression and Pearl Harbor has not been bombed yet but we know it is coming. I have been rooting for Franklin and his Polio and and had to look up if there had been any cases of polio in the US recently. The vaccine certainly took care of it…I knew three people who had it, when I was growing up,  all approximately the same age. Eleanor just worked tirelessly during the FDR’s time in office. I just try to picture how bad it was and I wish my parents were alive to talk this over with them.  


So I have had my afternoon coffee, filled out some forms for a new doctor I am going to tomorrow and going to work on my grocery list. It’s a nice day….hope you are having one too! Thanks for stopping!

A little merry


I have been enjoying the slow process of decorating for Christmas this year. I try not to put so much out that it is an overwhelming burden to put it back away. I have amassed quite a bit of decorations in 35 years of marriage. I am being choosy about what I put out and it changes every year, which I love….variety. I have angels on the fireplace this year. I realized that I have quite a few different ones and they are the showcase this year. I will show them off on another day with stories.


My handmade cards, here and there are some spots that maybe didn’t stamp exactly right. Or the flame is a little crooked but I am giving up on perfectionism. It’s made by a human and that’s far from perfect. It shows that I took the time to make these and they have a good meaning behind them. I love to receive handmade. A lot of love goes into it.


I have also rediscovered a few decorations I had forgotten about. My niece Wendy had gifted the little Merry plate a few years ago. What a dee-light to find it again. (I have been watching the Roosevelt’s and FDR said that often, I thought it was charming). I also uncovered the little crosstitched snowman picture, the box that is an ice cube snowman and a handpainted candle holder….all fun. I hope that you have been having a Dee-Lightful time decorating and it hasn’t been a burden. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Till next time…thanks for stopping!

Sarah Kay

Hatteras Shoreline with Watermark

In August I created this picture. I don’t say painted because it is more than that. It has torn paper and cut paper, texture paste, stencils, stamping and painting. When I went to my first art fair this was displayed right at the edge of my booth. If I would have been able to collect $10.00 for every time someone stopped and read the quote, I would probably have $500.00. A lady even took a picture of the quote. I really am happy with this picture because it has a lot going on in it. The shorebirds and the seagulls, the sea turtle making it’s way back to the sea after laying her eggs. The quote is just perfect for it and I found a TED video with Sarah Kay. I am fascinated by her. She has the gift of words and so enjoyable to listen to. Please watch the video, it has the quote in it.  If you would like to purchase this original,  email me. A print can be found in my Etsy shop Etsy.com/Shop/HeresMyHart.  Have a fantastic day and thank you for stopping by!

cute little gift box


I was meeting some friends for dinner and wanted to bring them a little something. I decided to make a little box and put some peanut butter balls in it that I had just made. I bought this template at least 12 years ago but I am sure it can still be found. You have to use somewhat heavy 12 X 12 paper for this. I traced it on to the paper.


I scored the lines with a bone folder and then cut it out. I folded all the score lines and also stamped a design onto the top. The tabs can either be taped or glued.


I used my handcarved stamps for the design and here is the box shown put together.


I picked up these cut little cups at Michaels Crafts. The box will hold four pieces.


I had put in some plastic wrap first to keep the candies fresher. I then put in four little cups.


The peanut butter balls sometimes didn’t fit in the cups because I leave so much yummy chocolate at the bottom to bite off. I them put them in upside down. I folded the plastic over them.


I made three different designs and colors of boxes and three different tags also. That little bit of washi tape just adds to the look. These have been submitted to the Anything But A Card on Sweetstamps.


Someone just had to check out the strings. These were fun to make and nice to give a little something. Hey, as always….. thanks for stopping!