I write with a heavy heart today


If you are not an animal lover you may read this and think I am a silly, crazy cat woman. If you have never loved an animal and had them love you back, you are so missing out on the one of the joys of life. If you have loved an animal you will understand.  Today I had to take my third cat this year to the vet to be euthanized and it still doesn’t get any easier. The first two I knew it was coming eventually because they were getting up in the years. This one was a total surprise. He came to us at our previous home 7 years ago, ragged and thin and starving and begging for food. He had the prettiest face and big eyes and was tenacious by sticking around for a month. His personality was good and he made the cut to be part of the family. As we always said he wasn’t ready for prime time at all and had to be taught a lot. He didn’t know how to play, he snapped at us all the time and to be able to stay living with us I had to have him declawed because he became overly excited during play time and embedded both sets of front claws into Toms face. He was lucky he was cute. This picture was taken about a month ago when we figured out something was wrong. At this point he weighed 13 pounds down from almost 17 in July.


Here he is,on one of his favorite places to lay. The vet figured out that there was something wrong with his kidneys and he was having his kidneys flushed and they made everything work for a while but I could never get him to eat on his own again. I would give him food through a syringe. All this just gave us time to be with him. When I brought him home a month ago I am so glad I let him stay outside the first night. It was still warm and he loved it. He just sat and looked out and walked around the house with a lot of wobbling. He then jumped into his favorite chair to sleep and watch the house through the night. It always seemed like he was guarding the house, because he wouldn’t stay out during the day. If he would hear a noise during the day, he would walk around the house growling till everything was to his satisfaction. He was like our guard dog. I am sure he would be totally insulted by that insinuation. Sebastian was next in line to take over the reins from Stonewall, our cat that was euthanized in early October.  He and Stonewall had a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes the fur would just fly because one or the other did something only they knew.  Mealtime always had a brief altercation while waiting for their food.  Maybe Sebastian missed this because he wouldn’t come to meals quickly after Stonewall wasn’t around.


Stonewall is the yellow cat. He was 16 years old and was bossy. He kept everyone in line and thought he owned me. He would jump on Sebastian if I paid any attention to him. He would sleep on my pillow each night up until the last two weeks of his life. He usually didn’t let any other cat sleep on our bed except him. We knew he was slowing down when we would find another cat on the bed in the morning. He had kidney problems also but that isn’t unusual for a cat his age. I was gone for a week in September and my calls home would inform me that Stonewall was not coming out of the closet and he wasn’t eating much.  When I got back he was very excited and slept on my pillow for half the night.  He didn’t after that and it just went downhill after that.  Maybe the stress of my being gone accelerated the illness.


Smoke is the grey cat (make sense doesn’t it). He was euthanized in February and right here is my post about him. Sophie is everywhere, loves everybody and is happy all the time. Two other cats I have are Lily and Pavel. Pavel came last March right after Smoke was gone. He heard there was an opening and applied. Actually he came begging for food on a very cold day. He made the cut and is a member of our family. I hope that I do not have to write any of these for a long, long time. I believe that animals go to Heaven because God made them and they have so much unconditional love to give. Hopefully they are all meeting up and Stonewall is yelling and rolling around with Sebastian and Smoke will get a cheap shot in when they are done. They are missed!

Good Saturday Morning!


The sunrise was so pretty this morning, especially through the tree silhouettes, I just had to show you.



Last Saturday I participated in a craft show in Fort Wayne. Here is the table half of my booth. We had a fair amount of visitors but they were telling me that there were many of these shows going on that weekend. Tis the season for sure.


Then here is my display board. Again I received nice comments about my work. Sold a couple of prints and gave out my business cards.


I was at an antique mall looking for an interesting display and I found this old silverware box. I may paint it or I may not and leave the scratches and character. I haven’t decided yet.


I put my note-cards I made from the carved stamps in it.


I sold 9 painted rocks and got orders for 3 more. I was happy with that.


This past Monday evening I met my sister and niece at the Bottle and Bottega for a mixed media paint in with some wine. I thought this wall was really cute with the paint splotches.


Here we are with our paintings. It is hard to do a masterpiece in 2.5 hours.


My sister Linda concentrating on adding some flowing hair to her lady.


My sister also made some discs to put in the shower to open up nasal passages. She works with essential oils and these have lavendar, eucalyptus and rosemary in them. They smell great and I can see how it will help.


Lastly, foxes are big this year and I wanted to show these really cute placements that I picked up. They are sparkly and you can kind of tell that. I was taken by the cute face of the fox. Have a great weekend and as always…Thanks for stopping!


Julia Roberts Kick

Erin Brokovich

The past couple of weeks I have been on a self imposed Julia Roberts Movie Marathon. It all started when I was scanning the television and Pretty Woman was on. I admit that I am a sucker for romance. This is just one of my very favorite movies and watching it Julia has certainly grown in her acting abilities but she is so lovely in that movie. Then this one, Erin Brockovich I really like also. It has history and is based on a true event. She played this really well and it was enjoyable.

mona lisa smile

My sister Linda suggested  I should watch Mona Lisa smiles. It is based in the 1950’s and she is teaching an art history class at an all girls college. She is from California and is more liberal in her teaching and this college is more to educate the girls how to be good wives not to really have an education to get an outside job. Julia isn’t married and the college criticizes her in the subject matter and in her relationships and that she should not counsel any of her students to put any kind of meaningful thoughts into their minds. It made me thankful women are not in that era anymore. Enjoyable movie!

my best friends wedding

I have Amazon Prime and this is the only free movie that is free with my prime membership. I was surprised because she has so many. The only down side is that I had to pay $2.99 for all of the other movies. Though much less expensive then the theater and much more portable on my Ipad. This movie drove me crazy because they didn’t want to be truthful with each other and kept holding back what they wanted to say. I thought “Just spit it out for gosh sakes”. I still liked it though, another good one.

Notting Hill

This movie has Hugh Grant in it and he really is pretty cute. I never wanted to watch it before because I guess I always had his prostitution incident in the back of my mind when he was dating Elizabeth Hurley 15 years ago. So it’s only a movie and I enjoyed watching it. Julia plays an actress who meets this travel bookstore owner and they become an on again off again couple. It ended happily of course.

pretty woman

Richard Gere is just so handsome in this movie, I can hardly stand it!. So I don’t know if I am done yet with the JR movies, but I have scratched that itch. She has a new movie coming out this Friday where she plays a policewoman hunting down the murderer of her daughter.  It looked good.  

The Roosevelts

I am now revisiting this set that I received for Christmas last year. I love history and this is just chock full of it. Teddy Roosevelt is so interesting and driven! FDR was such a sweet little boy and handsome young man who as a president got this country through a terrible war. Eleanor was an amazing woman who overcame such problems as really did all three. It is a well done documentary by Ken Burns. Thanks for Stopping!

SweetStamps: Anything but a Card Challenge


For the Sweet Stamps ” anything but a card challenge”, I made tags that incorporate how I feel about the Paris attacks last week. One for Paris and one for the United States. I used Tim Holtz stencils and stamps along with an Endless Creations Sentiment, a Stampendous heart, and Invoke angel wings. Unfortuantely we can share the pain of Paris and the world is watching. The Angel wings are for the souls of the victims and the hearts are for love. The US tag also has Tim Holtz background stamp and stencil. The star is from Stamps by Judith, the sentiments is an older Stampin Up, the flag is from Stampabilities and Lady Liberty is DP Artworks. The tag has rays of hope for peace with a bold star because the US boldly stand behind and beside the French (Lady Liberty) in this horrific act.

Share Handmade Kindness week two


Week two was to recognize someone in the service area, a postman, waitress, clerk, salesman, etc. I got my card done yesterday for this and was too late to post this on Jennifer McGuires site. I still wanted to share it. It is also being submitted to the SweetStamps Anything Goes challenge. This card went to my niece Kelli and her husband Cory. They just got married in August and she is in her last year of college for nurses training and she also works 40 hours a week. Cory may work two or three jobs so I think they are toadally awsome. The leaves and tree are a Simon Says stamp and also dies.  The toad is by Stamps by Heather and Judith and the sentiment is Art Gone Wild.


I also sent along some cookies for some real quick energy pick ups. I think they need it!


A loaf of honey/buttermilk homemade bread. I was a good batch! And also a pasta dish for a meal to fill their belly when they get home from work. They are a busy couple and Kelli is going to make a wonderful nurse.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work


I am sure you have done this also and had a vision of making something great and unique and it flops, which is life. This is what happened with this card. What I am most disappointed with is that I sewed on the little embroidered piece and it was crooked when I got done. My sticky didn’t stay. It really bugs me. I loved the embroidery. I like the watercolor at the top, I feel it is pretty cute. But all together I am sad about this. My idea did not turn out as I had envisioned it. I may send this to someone….maybe. Just maybe the crooked fabric will bother them too, which I wouldn’t want. Just have to move on. Thanks for stopping and listening to me whine a little bit.



Sweet Stamps also has a weekly challenge of “anything goes” which means you can do what you want to do, no guidelines. I will submit this card to that challenge and also it works for another entry into the “Share handmade kindness. Another friend or family member will be receiving this card from me. The stamp is from BLine Designs B-Lines, the butterfly is from Stamps by Judith Stamps by Judith and the sentiment is made by Inky Antics Inky Antics. Fun and so true. Thanks for stopping.



This is a pop-up box card. There are two sites that I enjoy that are sponsoring some challenges that I am participating in. The first is the SweetStamps monthly challenge and the technique is a pop up card. Here is the tutorial video on how to make it. It will fit comfortably in an A9 envelope which is 5 3/4 X 8 3/4.


Here it is opened up and it turns into a box. The second site is Jennifer McGuire and her challenge is Share Handmade Kindness. I loved this idea and concept and am sending off my pop-up card to share my handmade kindness.


All the products that I used for this card are K and Company paper-Que Sera Sera. The sun is a Hero Arts, The coffee and sayings are also Hero Arts. The butterfly is a Stampin Up. The flowers in the back are possibly Autumn Leaves. I hope someone will be pleasantly surprised.

Halloween Faces


On Halloween I always love to take pictures of our visitors. I never have a problem getting the kids to pose for me. Here is a zombie like skeleton girl.


The dog was the star of the show with his own hat.


We liked this gangsters pinstripe suit and mustache.


I tried to use the line “did you bring some glue with you” but it fell flat. They must not watch commercials.


We had twin nerds and a greek goddess. The actual twins were the middle girl and the goddess…look at their noses, they are the same.


These two are our neighbors. An army pilot and a beautiful gypsy.


Day of the Dead skeleton, a werewolf, princess with beautiful hair and Dorothy. We had a few Dorothys an dCleopatras.


The President, Barack Obama stopped by with a great big grin, which made us laugh. His tie twinkled.


Her bat wing mask was a hit.


This football head monster was carrying a severed head. We told him not to drip.


She got into a terrible fight before she stopped by and then we had the hunger games girl.


Her Mom made the peacock outfit, and we also loved her mask.


We couldn’t get the little girl to look at us. Woody was getting his boots adjusted.


Two batgirls


Duck Dynasty men stopped by.


His scars were great.


Our neighbors also, a ninja, a cowgirl and a bubble gum machine.


Hanna and her Mom and Dad stopped by. Hanna was her favorite food, a ketchup packet. I loved her sparkly red shoes. I hope you had some fun trick or treaters, it was a decent night and only started raining later on so it was good Thanks for stopping.