It was time


When I got up this morning I decided it was time to finally put out fall decorations inside. After I took the pictures and transferred I saw these two I took last week and decided to throw them in also. We had our first hard frost and this is the result. Wilted and dead flowers but oh so awesome leaf color of my bushes.


I love the deep burgundy, and then it gets lighter and also you can still see green leaves that dodged the frost.


Sophie has her fall colors going.


This is one of my favorite pieces. I bought this a few years ago from Pottery Barn. It is cast iron and it can be used for dips or candy, crackers etc. I hung the skeleton made from bells on it and brought out a few pieces of Halloween candy. I am going to see how long it takes for the candy mongers to notice.


I have always been partial to glass covers. I am sure there is a special name for them but it has escaped my brain this morning.


I have had this little clay ghost for years. His happy face always makes me smile. The piece of candy corn is made of glass and then the little ceramic pumpkin is fun too.


My mantle, I love the girl riding the crow and the crow has a pumpkin in his mouth. The person who made this used the bottom of a glass candlestick holder.


A tray that I love with the sunflowers as handles.


I pulled out an antique crazy quilt to throw on my Windsor chair. It came from someone in my husbands family. It is two sided and has blocks of various wools and suitings on the other side.


Following me around giving direction.


Placing the largest pumpkin near the floor, the other two are up on the mantle.


I think she is deciding whether she needs to jump on him or not.


This was my Mother-in-Laws basket, she always liked Halloween. See that table, I am planning on chalk painting it, just haven’t decided what color.


A close up of the painted lid. The scarecrow holding the basket is pretty cute. Have you gotten your decorations out yet? Thanks for stopping!


Working Diligently

BFF with watermark

I have been in high gear to have some small original watercolors to have for sale at the Shiloh Craft Market I am participating in on November 14th. This sweet cup of coffee I finished this week. It is to show how much I value that first cup in the morning. It’s my focus and get up and go. It also can commemorate a friendship of love and colorful good times. A print can also be purchased in my Etsy shop.

Fall Pumpkins and Flowers with watermark

I just love colorful flower gardens and made this one up yesterday. It also is a 5 X 7 original that will be for sale. All of the originals will have a white matte. Thanks for stopping by and I love comments. So please let me know what you think.

His Eye is on the Sparrow


Last night I went to a play with my sister at the First Presbyterian Theater. I had not been there before and it was a really nice surprise. Not only did I see a very good play but they also have a gallery and a one person quilt show was up. These next few pictures are some of the quilts that were there. Each piece of work was as good as the next.  She was a wonderful artist and seamstress.  I like this little quilt with the tiny hexagons in a flower garden quilt. Oh and the play was the title of this blog post-His Eye is on the Sparrow. It was about Ethel Waters an African American singer. It was a one person musical biography starring Mikki White. She was fantastic and I ran a whole gamut of emotions during the two hour show. I was so glad we went.


A lovely little red and green minature.


Another miniature, the star looks like watermelon fabric.


charming little baskets and flowers


A rendition of a mariners compass with sailboats in the middle and on the corners.


Many, Many tiny squares in this quilt.


I loved that this was so colorful. These squares are wonky.


I don’t know the names of this one, but it reminds me of space.


Another colorful and wonky fun quilt.


We then went outside and enjoyed being downtown and enjoyed the streetlights and tall buildings and then took a few pictures. It was someplace we were not normally at. This is my shadow.


Steeple of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church between the trees. It was all lit up and very pretty. Like I said it was an enjoyable evening, and we are planning our next play to go to there. I wonder what they will have up in the gallery this time. Thanks for stopping!

Midwest Changes


I took a walk today to gather leaves or other natural items to paint or carve into a stamp. The colors are starting to come out. This is a bush outside of my front door. It was so pretty with the sun shining on it.


My burning bush is all changed and losing the leaves. Closeup of the its berries.


Our neighbors crab apple tree.


A common area that has the trees lining it.


It’s breezy today, our flags are standing up nicely.



A wall of yellow and green.


The sun must shine on that spot.


Blue sky, the tree in the middle is just not going to change yet.


Pretty red mums.


I have watched these pinecones when they first came on to the tree, and then they grew and were green and now they have matured.


The squirrels are busy. The farmers almanac says we are going to have a lot of snow this winter, it seems as if the squirrels know it too. They were very active this morning, running all around and chirping at me as I walked by.


Ornamental grass


Another kind of ornamental grass.


My sweet potato vine has been blooming this last couple of weeks. They look like small petunias. It was kind of a nice surprise. Hope that you have a lot of pretty nature where you are at.

put together quickly


Deciding to try to participate into this art fair was a quick decision. I had to have my application approved and the deadline was September 1st which I made on that day. I had to wait and hear from the committee, plus I was going to Colorado on September 15th. When I got back on September 22nd, I still had not heard anything, but I started looking in my junk and there was my acceptance letter, that had been sent on Sept. 17th. Now, I really had to kick it into motion if I was going to show a decent amount of inventory. The show was October 10th and I had to also plan a booth. The display board was my husbands and sons job. I painted it and then I just tried to get as many different items done to sell. We had an inexpensive canopy so that would have to do for the time being. I had a rug that I was planning on using and everyone around me had tent sides so that worked out well since I had none. Here is my booth right after we had gotten it all put together.


I finished my banner the day before and I may add to it. It looks similar to my business card.


The other half of my booth. It was really fun to do. I enjoyed interacting with the customers and visiting with some I had not seen in months.


I was so thankful that my sister Linda was available to help me, it is definitely a two person job.


It was a real learning experience and I had so much nice feedback. I have decided to give it a try for the next year. I will be doing a craft show in November and it will be indoors, so I will have to have another kind of booth plan. Here are prints, cards made from handcarved stamps and cute, handpainted rocks  plus my business cards. I look forward to creating new items. Check back because I will be sharing them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

A Renaissance in Roanoke


On this upcoming Saturday, October 10th. I will be participating in my first Art Fair in Roanoke Indiana. It is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and it is supposed to be in the 60s. A perfect day to walk around an see all 48 booths and have good food, music along with many other activities. Here is the website for your perusal. I have been rock collecting, stamping and painting to get prepared. Here are a few of my originals that will be for sale.


I will also have prints, and note cards made from my own hand carved stamps.


I have been painting on these rocks and if I can stand to give them up I will have them for sale also. Please come out and visit with my sister Linda and myself. It will be a fun time. And I will be sure to tell you….Thanks for stopping!

The last of my journey


I have been home since September 22nd and I needed to tell about the last leg of my trip. I left Boulder early on the 20th and was taking a road due east straight into the rising sun of course. I pull into Boulder with the setting sun and pull out of it with the rising sun. Again I could only see about 4 inches below my visor for awhile. I was glad to get on the interstate to start heading a bit north east. I am now heading toward Nebraska and look in my rear view mirror and think “boy that sky looks dark”, I don’t remember hearing about impending rain. Then I realized it was the mountains fading off out of site. I stopped at a fairly decent rest area and I liked their Colorado flag, even though it is a bit tattered on the ends.


They had some pretty flowering bushes that needed some pictures taken of them. Everything is looked at as a possible carving of a stamp now. This butterfly bush would be difficult, but the leaves are really good.


Was not sure what kind of bush this was, but I thought the color was stunning.


This bush with the berries on it was a definite possibility for carving. So I finally make my way into Nebraska and I am looking forward to this since it is all new to me. I have no pictures of anything in Nebraska but I have many observations to tell about. This also was in Colorado but it perplexes me. There is a chain of gas stations named Kum and Go. I can understand why it is called the Kum and Go….it makes sense but why does it need to be spelled this way….why not Come? I just think it looks bad….maybe it is just supposed to be memorable…of which I do remember it. Another observation with the gas, the super costs less than the regular. That was just all backwards for me. There was no explanation on the pump. I asked a clerk why this was so and he just said it was due to the Ethanol. Now Nebraska is a big corn state and maybe it is some kind of state law but this Hoosier was confused. I was be bopping along I-80 and came across this business that had more cattle in one spot than I have ever seen in my life. I did research and found it. This place smelled miles down the road……it was all amazing! There was a lot of cow poop there. It was called the Darr Feedlot, Inc. Watch the pictures, there is a good one of all the cows. Nebraska was more interesting to look at than Kansas, there were hills and lakes and the Platte River. It looked very shallow and had many offshoots of it. I 80-went all along it and it was neat. I was talking with my sister in Nebraska and we kept losing signal, Verizon must need more towers in Nebraska. I worked my way to Omaha and Mutual of Omaha song kept going through my head. Then I am in Iowa and it is probably around 6:00 and still sunny and pretty but I see it is getting cloudy in the distance and this cloud wall was getting closer. I turn on the radio to catch a weather report and they don’t talk about rain. I am talking with Tom on the phone and ask him to look at the radar. He doesn’t see any. Let me tell you in Indiana, if we have that wall cloud coming toward you there is going to be some weather. But there was nothing, it was just dreary and cloudy.


I just had to get this picture to show of the sun setting. I had a heck of a time capturing it. I tried the rear view mirror, then the side mirror. Then I turned it around and pushed the button while I was looking forward. The top was that wall cloud and then I was on a hill and the sun was so bright and intense right then. My destination was Des Moines and I was glad to get to the hotel, it was a long driving day. Two signs I noticed along the way…John Waynes Birthplace is in Winterset, Iowa and The Bridges of Madison County in Winterset, Iowa.


I again got started early and was headed toward Davenport Iowa and I-80 was quite busy out of Des Moines. It was time to stop for a break and I hit pay dirt when I found this one. Pulling up to it and seeing the quilt blocks on the side of the building was just wonderful! It looks like a train station and notice the lanterns on the light poles.


This was a tile wall inside the lobby! Isn’t it beautiful?


These next six pictures were a few of the tiles on the floor and it corresponded with the wall quilt.


These beautiful constellation wall was equally as impressive. This was a big underground railroad area. It was depicting how the quilt blocks were used to send messages.


The train tiles on the mens bathroom side.


This floor was in the entrance way.


These tiles went all the way around the building representing needles and knots.


A better look at the beautiful front quilt blocks.


The other side of the building.


Informational plaque explaining about the blocks.


The other side of the plaque explaining about the underground railroad in Cedar County, Iowa. Observations in Iowa, I passed a sign for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.  I crossed into Illinois at Moline and crossed the Mississippi River.  I have since researched this but John Deere World Headquarters are there.  What tipped me off was the John Deere Way sign.


So I didn’t want to drive around Chicago. It is so busy, so expensive and I decided to go down through Illinois to go to the Dick Blick Art supply store in Galesburg outside of Peoria. It was enjoyable and picked up items that I needed. I I finally was making my way around and up to US 24 to take straight into Fort Wayne I did pass a sign that said that Ronald Reagan went to college at Eureka College in Illinois, I hadn’t known that. My husband kept getting more excited as I was getting closer to home. I got back around 8:30 p.m. Glad to be home but it was a wonderful trip and it’s something that I can cross off my list. I drove 2600 miles on my own and got along just fine. As always…Thanks for stopping and reading my blog.

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Mini Makeri retreat with Geninne


So now it is Friday morning September 18th and I am at the destination of why I actually started my trip across the Midwest to Colorado. (See previous posts). The Makerie, which is a company owned by a very sweet and smart lady named Ali. The Makerie arrainges and sponsors art retreats and this is her 15th. There will be one in Philadelphia in April of 2016. She set up a retreat with one of my very favorite artists, Geninne Zlatkis. I received the email early in the year and thought about it for maybe 5 minutes at the most and signed up. It was very limited seating (eleven) and it sold out quickly with a waiting list of 84 people. It was held in @handstudio, which is actually an individuals working space who of course was in our group and Fran is her name. I will have some pictures later in the post. It was a beautiful day in Boulder, sunny, perfect temp and a beautiful studio and I get to finally meet Geninne! She greeted each of us with a hug and “Hi, I’m Geninne”and she had her signature hat and pretty skirt.We all were just really thrilled!! This was the package that was at each place setting. Geninne had stamped our name tags, and bags with her handcarved stamps. Inside the bag was our carving tool, pencil, a small art palet and a paint brush, tags and cards to stamp on and a pencil along with her “Making an Impression” book that she wrote about handcarving stamps. Paula, who also was a classmate and was living in the area made these wonderful paper houses with little battery tea lights and a matching chapstick because she knew how dry the air is in Colorado. She also brought a perfect acorn which I absolutely love. All my classmates were lovely women and we represented all over the country, New York, Florida, Montana, California, Colorado, Kansas and Indiana. Everyone was interesting in what they did outside of art but we all had so much in common too. We have kept in touch through instagram and facebook.


So we all sat down and got started. We introduced ourselves, explained where we were from and what we did and told when we started following Geninne. Let me tell you now that Geninne is a lovely, giving, funny and humble woman. We all loved her personality and wanted to go home and live near her. We felt so lucky to be with her and each other for three days. First off we were going to learn to carve stamps. We all went outside and foraged through Frans shrubs and garden to find natural specimens that we could draw simply, to carve. Here is the picture of where everybody had been sitting and stamping on the paper cover table. We all would stop and take pictures and instagram them. It was a great time!! Ali always had healthy snacks out, different ones each day. Dried mango slices, snack mixes, nuts, dark chocolate raspberry chewy wonderful things. She also had very healthy lunches for us each day, sponsored by different companies. Whole foods, The Long i Pie Shop and another that has slipped my mind. We used compostable utensils and pretty cloth napkins. It was all just a real treat!


Here Geninne was showing us how she carved her fishes. She, zip zip, drew it onto the block and , zip zip, carved it out in no time flat.(She has done it a few times :). One of my lucky classmates won it in a name draw.


Just another closer angle of her carving out the fish.


When we finished our stamps, Geninne arraigned them on the floor so we could take a picture and see all of them. It looks so pretty and so many great ideas that everyone came up with.


We also stamped in a heart everyone’s stamps along with Geninnes and drew a name for it. We will also get a high resolution copy for ourselves to print off.


We all also made pictures with our stamps and hung them up to be photographed. These are fun and pretty.


I had gone around and taken pictures of other classmates areas to show their different ideas.


The bulletin board in @handstudio. It was a wonderful studio with interesting things to look at, magazines, a beautiful bathroom (so important to women). We loved Fran too and wanted to live by her, such a gracious and soul beautiful woman.


I especially loved her heart with wings. She had art items all over that were made by other artists along with her creations she makes. It was such a fun place to be.


On our third day (Sunday) we broke out the acrylic inks and Geninne explained her process for painting on rocks. I had not used colored acrylic paint before and really enjoyed it. Here is everyone’s creations laid out on this woven piece which was a great backdrop. I love looking at all the ideas.


Here are other items from my retreat. In the bag we also had the Turbo cards that Geninne made when her dog got sick and passed away recently. I had watched him from when he was a puppy and these were very special. The smaller one is her business card. We received a recipe card from the Long i Pie Company with a beutiful watercolor illustration. The bag that Geninne made up to put items in that she sold. My cards and tags that I made from the stamps I carved.


She brought with her prints and originals that she was selling. I bought the leather journal that she and her husband Manolo make. It has a moleskin table inside of it.


I have made notecards up from the stamps I carved at the retreat so sell at an art fair on October 10. It is A Renaissance in Roanoke.


I have continuted to carve now. It is very soothing and addicting. This stamp was made from my sweet potato vine leaf. Notecards I am also selling at the art fair.


I picked up some colorful acrylic inks and continue to paint on rocks now. I am hooked…you just put little things on them and they are just so cute and decorative. I am in the process of finding more.


Painted a tall ship and a whale tail on that larger rock.


I was just in awe of the mountains and the sunsets. I couldn’t get enough of them. I chose my hotel perfectly because it was only 3.2 miles from the @handstudio. It was a Hampton Inn only two years old and the beds were so comfortable. I reccommend it whole heartedly and I had a huge unobstructed view of the mountains. My retreat was everything I could think of…and more. Thank you Geninne, Ali, Fran and all the new artist friends I made.


We were sad when we knew we had to go, back to our regular lives. It was a retreat from the world doing something we love to do and meeting someone we admired. As usual, thanks for stopping!

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