What’s Up


It’s a really great morning to walk around and see what I have blooming. This doesn’t look like much now but they are the planters beside my front door. There are 5 different plants in the boxes and when they get going they should be very pretty. Orange, white, blue, red and green and lime green. I have seen improvement since they were planted.


The catmint is always a buzz with activity. Cats, bees, butterflys and hummingbirds all visit it. This plant is right off my front porch. I was sitting there with a pink shirt on and after the hummingbird finished at the catmint he flew up to me, so close I could hear his wings. He must have decided I had nothing to give him and flew off.


Galardia daisy, always brilliant.


A new from last year, coral bell, growing nicely.


One of our bushes, a little henry sweetspire.


A different coral bell, bought at the same time. It’s growing but maybe the species isn’t as big as the other.


Whoa! Huge weed alert in the other catmint! Those are on the agenda for next week.


Clematis, so glad to see that it is growing and producing. Beautiful dark color.


I don’t remember what this plant is but the color is breathtaking.


Another bush about ready to bloom. Don’t recall the name of it either.


Purple salvia making a good show.


Every year I plant my spent Easter Lilys and they are coming up. The one on the right is from this year.


This Dogwood, I had decided that it didn’t make it. I bought a replacement tree and was about ready to pull it out of the ground and it finally had sprouts in the spring. The bottom is doing better than the top but we will see what it does.


I have heard it takes awhile for these to get going.


Little Blue pincushion flower, so sweet.


These are going to be a profusion of yellow flowers soon.


This is Lily’s spot to lay during the day. You can walk by and her head will pop up.


That’s where I found her, then she decided to come with me. She is my walking partner. Well that’s all I have for now…thanks for stopping.



I have had a greatly productive couple of days and boy am I pooped but I just had to share a bunch of things before I went to bed. Since we are having nieces and nephew come for an overnighter we had to buy grocerys. Smores are always a crowd pleaser so I picked up all the 3 ingredients for them. Look at these new marshmallows they have come out with. They are flat so they will fit between the graham crackers very neatly. How grand is that…Smoremallows!


Some strawberries to cut up. They small really good!


Cantaloup to cut up also. I made sure I got the obligatory flat spots so they sat in the field long enough to ripen.


Why so many yogurts you are probably thinking. We don’t usually do our main shopping at Walmart but we had to pick up a few things and took advantage of this time to get yogurt. Walmart has the best variety of yogurts. My favorite is cherry then chocolate cherry and Tom’s is toasted coconut vanilla. We like to stock up.


I couldn’t end the day without a beautiful sunset picture. We have had so many wonderful sunsets and sunrises.


The chocolate and the graham crackers are all ready to go at a moments notice.

IMG_0473 (2)

Here they are from last year. I am going to have to dig out those goggles again.


The whole main floor of my house was cleaned very, very well, wiping down the baseboards and doors to cleaning the trash cans and climbing up to clean off the light fixtures, it smells  great in here!  I was able to finish  paintings this week and get them posted to my Etsy shop. Here are very early stages of the paintings.

Changing Lives with watermark

Changing Lives, a very colorful painting with 3 dimensional elements.

Truth is with watermark

Truth…a masculine color scheme and a historical quote of Thomas Jefferson.


Lastly I have to show off my new fitbit bands. My niece Angie surprised me with them. They are so cute! Beats my black one I was wearing. I don’t know who the company was but she found them on Amazon.  The reason I am so tired…..16, 932 steps! I think I can go a little lighter tomorrow. As always, Thank for stopping

around the little town


I took a 40 minute walk to and from the dentist this morning with my camera to catch a few pictures of the little town I live in. This airplane is at the entrance to the community park. I know nothing about it but think it is pretty neat.


Across from the airplane is the fire-station. The flags were flying proudly today with a gusty wind.


The colors in this flower box are beautiful! The downtown area is tiny with a bank, pizza place, an insurance company, a hair salon and a flower shop.


Pretty landscaping one of the side streets.


A white puffy peony.


I thought this fairy tree mushroom house was funny. See the elf head?


This house is neat. I had never noticed the stone fireplace, just the stone porch. It has a foundation made from stone also.


Then back a my house I am showing the teal and aqua arraignment that I put together. I am changing some of my colors in my house to that scheme. That little round vase I just picked up at a recent gift shop. Put my little bleeding heart stem in it, too cute. I haven’t put anything in my teal frame yet, I like the paper that came with it. Hope you went on a nice walk and as always….Thanks for stopping!

to market-to market


It was such a beautiful day I decided to take in The Barr Street Market in Fort Wayne. It was attended well and quite a few booths. Of course I am drawn to the flowers and these were just gorgeous! I should have taken a picture of the cute little guy I bought HUGE marigolds from, but that’s an after thought.


I liked this colorful sign. I thought about buying some potted herbs from them but decided I should plant what I have first. Maybe next time.


These ladies had great looking homemade bread and fried pies.


I love homemade soap. I did buy 6 different bars. They made my car smell so good! The colors are pretty.


The creams, browns and blacks. So nice! By the way…This is Old Fort Soap Company.


There were some musicians, which was nice.


Lush potted plants.


Kettle Corn, being made right there. See the man stirring the pot? I asked if I could take his picture so he was feigning boredom.


Many dogs came to the market. Golden retriever puppies are so sweet!


My Huge Marigold purchase.


The younger girl had happened to be in my ceramics class in the fall semester 2014. It was nice to see her and the person who owned the booth was her mentor.


Here is her lovely pottery. This is Parrot Pottery. She uses doilies for the texture.


A large dog waiting patiently for their owner to make a decision.


Another one getting a scratch on the head.


He sat down, deciding that it was going to take awhile.


I asked if I could take her picture even though I didn’t need any vegetables at the moment. I told her the green was a perfect match for her wares. Was it planned?


I loved the purple flowers, they were quite stunning.


One more snap of a pooch walking off happily, tail up and a jaunty step. He must have had as much fun as I did. I will go back another time. There should be more fruits and vegetables. Thanks for stopping!

A Lovely Walk


I went to a little town called Decatur, that is south of where I live. People are proud of their town and it has interesting things to take pictures of. I went on a little walking tour. I thought that this wrought Iron fence was a very nice touch.


The house next door then had these beautiful purple and peach iris’s blooming.


This was an interesting grouping with the ivy on the wall and possibly growing off the tree.


Across from the library there was a new park that was dedicated in 2014. It was very neat! Storybook Park it was appropriately named.


At the corner of the library is this sculpture of a girl reading out of a book to the boy sitting on the ground. By the way she is standing it looks like she could be acting.


A different angle.


These two are in storybook park. They were too stinkin cute!


An inscription on one wall. Looks like names of people who donated are above.


An inscription on the other wall-I agree with this totally-“If you have a garden and a library. You have everything you need.” Cicero


A Memorial Rock that talks about enjoying the time that they brought the children to the library.


Interesting blooming bush with some really pretty purple flowers.


Walked over to a garden center and this pot of pansies was breathtaking!


Stunning hot pink roses.


Also not sure of this yellow flower either.


These were at the edge of someones yard. Big fat juicy peony buds.


The star of the show!


The rest of the family. As Always…Thanks for stopping!

You just can’t judge a magazine by its size!

Address Removed

We get this little magazine because we are in a co-op for our electricity, it is from Paulding Putnam. Seems like sometime last year or maybe two years ago, time does fly, we used to get a similar magazine from Ohio, but this is all about Indiana. I get more information from this magazine that has only 30 pages in it. You would think it would be all about electric current and wattage. Not so fast my friends. Here are the interesting tidbits that learned or they just made me remember. Raggedy Ann and Andy were created in Indianapolis. Indiana had 5 Vice Presidents from our state and one President. Some famous people from Indina are Steve Kroft of 60 minutes, Greg Kinnear, Actor, Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch, John Wooden basketball coach and Col. Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Apparently every May they choose Art for their calendar and it is from submissions from students, 1st grade and up. I love to see art being promoted and the pictures were really enjoyable. Next year is Indiana’s Bicentennial and that was the theme of the contest this year.


Here are the rest of the pictures, the Lewis and Clark expedition, the state tree-Tulip, Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home, the soldiers memorial in Indianapolis and the Statehouse in Indianapolis to name a few.


This page showed the honorable mentions which were just as good. Other articles that were informative: French Lick was having chalk art extravaganza. Vincennes was having a reenacting of the RevolutionaryWar. There is going to be a Dr. Seuss exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Museum. It talks about a Huge Garage sale on Route 40. I can make my own cat treats out of tuna fish recipe. An article featuring a restaurant my husband and I ate at years ago. A good story about a snake in the garden. The last page talks about their great finds at a garage sale. It’s all interesting stuff. It really was a good read.  Thanks for stopping!

It only took two years


I have had these next two prints for at least two years or longer. They are from an artist Diana Sudyka who’s business name is Tiny Aviary. Click here for the link. She lives in the Chicago area and all her paintings include a natural element. I am drawn to all the activity that is happening in these two pictures. This first one was based off a children’s book illustration. I love the two kids with the rosy cheeks. I also really liked the jack-in-the-pulpit. It is called “The Wonders of Nature”.


The next one is called “The Backpack”. The owner left the backpack and the birds are unpacking it and putting the contents in the tree. There are boots, pots and pans, binoculars and a compass to name a few items. It reminded me of the childrens book “Caps for Sale” when the salesman went to sleep with all his caps on his head. The monkeys came along and took his caps and hung them in the tree.


We then hung the ornate refurbished frame I found in an antique store. ” Happy Birds” mixed media painting was hung inside it. I really love this look.


It was hung in the landing of the stairway.


It picks up the colors in the grandmothers flower garden quilt.


They were hung on the Great Room wall beside a drawing I did in Art Class.


The drawing was based on a project called the faces of God. We had to make it our interpretation and I divided mine into four areas with rain and a rainbow, thunderstorm, sunshine and snow. I included young pictures of my boys and nature like irises, sunflowers, trees. One of my favorite drawings from school. Thanks so much for checking in.


binding black and red quilt

Today I am putting the binding on this little quilt to get ready to put in my Etsy shop. Brushing up on my technique I found the best tutorial on doing this process. I needed to share it.

red and black quilt with binding

Here it is with the binding attached, no more than one hour later. I now will hand stitch it to the back. This is a great method! Happy Stitching!

It’s Showtime!


The first quarter of this year I was very fortunate to see five plays at four different venues. Sister Act was my first one in January. I loved the movie with Whoopie Goldberg and I equally loved the play. I went with my friend Theresa and of course in January it snowed at least 6 inches while we were out. We didn’t let that stop us from going to dinner though.


In February we went to a Youth theater production of The Kid From Kokomo-The Ryan White Story. It was very enjoyable on two levels. It sent me back to the 80’s and it was like reliving that time all over again. Ryan White was a hemophiliac who acquired AIDS from blood transfusions. The school that he went to in Kokomo Indiana did not want him to attend because AIDS was still new and scary. It made national headlines and he became friends with Michael Jackson and Elton John to name a few. My niece Allie was also in the production which made it very fun on the second level. The kids did an excellent job all over.


On March 1st then my sister Linda and I went to Cabaret. Neither she and I had seen the movie. The only thing we had to go by was Liza Minnelli singing the song which was very upbeat. We came away depressed not from the acting but from the story. It was based in Germany during the time of the rise of the Nazi party. It featured Jews, Cabaret performers, homosexuals and in the end they met their demise because of the Nazi’s. It was not what we were expecting. We like to go to light hearted productions and were surprised when we were done. On another note it was done very well, the actors did a wonderful job.


In mid April Theresa and I went to the production of Jersey Boys. It was so good!!! We had great seats and enjoyed it immensely! It is great to go where you know all the songs that they are singing. If you get a chance you should go see this. You won’t be disappointed.


Then on April 24th my niece’s school put on a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. Our niece played 3 different parts and the kids were involved in every aspect. How they changed the scenery in the dark was amazing. My husband had her sign the playbill because we feel it will be worth a million dollars in 20 years. Nothing planned for the summer but it looks like there will be some good shows starting in the fall again.

Happy Birds Mixed Media Painting


I started out with a 14 X 18 wrapped canvas. I wanted a specific aqua color that popped. I took a blue, added mixing white and a touch of green and hit the color I was aiming for.


Adding black to the top and bottom just as a framing technique. I knew I wanted a woodpecker, blue bird and blue jay. Drew those out with a china pencil and added paper elements to two of them. The lattice looking paper came from wallpaper that I cut to achieve the lattice. Using a tree design stencil and embossing paste the tree came alive for the woodpecker. I inked it up with distress inks when it became dry. I then started painting in the birds with white acrylic paint.

Happy Birds 72 DPI with Watermark

Here is my finished painting. I also used some dimensional paint and added sponging and if you can find them sunflower seeds.


I picked up this beautiful frame at a shop in Noblesville, Indiana. It is repainted and distressed and I love it, love it. I am hanging it on the wall with Happy Birds inside of it. This print can be found in my Etsy shop. Just click on the link on my home page. Thanks for stopping!