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Mixed Media Art by Robin Hawkins

Welcome to Here’s My hART Studio, where I start with acrylic paint and add “stuff” to it. I love mixed media because it is such a forgiving technique. The more layers a painting has the more interesting it is. I am all about color and texture. My paintings make you want to touch them, and it’s ok. I use gallery wrapped canvas, with a deep profile (sides) because my paintings wrap all the way around. They cannot be contained in just one area. My ideas come from so many places, but nature and lifes memories are a good portion of the subjects. I may hear something on the news that I think needs attention and will do a painting about it. I listen to my customers that visit me at juried art fairs and take their thoughts and put them into a painting. My camera helps me remember to put a certain color or insect or moment into my paintings and it is used often. I find quotes that are not well known but evoke feelings. They make their way into my paintings. Mixed media is eclectic and I don’t have to stay within the lines which fits my persona well. Photo by Ashley Mauro @ashleymaurophotography



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