The beauty of Maine

Here it is, August 2nd and I have hardly shown my pictures. We returned home on Saturday the 22nd and boom, we have been trying to catch up since. We had a great time on vacation, so many good memories, and I brought back tons of inspiration. This picture is the beauty of Acadia.

I woke up at 4:15 one morning and thought I should see if there is a sunrise. No filters, this is actual.  It was breathtaking.

The moon and something. Could it be the International Space Station??

The shine on the water is fantastic.

We took a scenic nature boat ride and started out with mallard ducks. Not so different from Indiana.

I loved this schooner raising the sails to take off. 

Can you tell I am quite taken with the sun? We had so much fog for the first three days here and seeing the sun was a treat..

This is a beautiful picture!

Egg Island Lighthouse. No one except the Coast Guard is allowed on this island. Beside the little building on the right is a solar panel. The seabirds and seals are the real owners of the island.

The sea lions rest and bask in the sun during low tide and swim and eat at high tide. They have to keep their body fat up because the water at its highest is 55 degrees.

Our boat threw a fish in the water to get the eagle to come down and I was just clicking my camera hoping to get one good shot. You don’t get to see an eagle like this but once in a lifetime.

The wings in flight are so impressive. It will end up in a painting.

A close up, love the ripple effect on the water. I have so much more to show, along with the treasures I brought with me. Please stop back again.



Some favorites

The day has been pretty foggy mostly with peeks of sun. It is supposed to be more sunny tomorrow. I would like to see farther out to sea.

The loons were right in front and it was fun to hear them and watch them dive and pop up in another area.

This seagull was doing a flyby and had something in his beak, possibly a crab? I liked how I was able to capture his wings in flight.

Just a pretty planted yard in Bar Harbor.

A stone fence is beautiful.

Just a different view.

Lobster boat heading out.

A hotel had this planted, such a wonderful array of posies.


A yard full of lobster traps.

Window boxes full of geraniums. We are having a great time and having some R and R. We will see what tomorrow brings and I will share.Thanks for checking in.

It’s Been a Great Day

I buy only Bath and Body works hand soap because I find it doesn’t dry my hands out and the scents I just love. I usually buy 8 to 10 at a time so I don’t have to run to the store often. I just opened this one and I highly recommend it, Sweet Mint Mimosa. It makes hand washing a pleasure, not just something you have to do.

The day wasn’t too hot or too humid and the skys tonight are just gorgeous!

The sunset through the tree, pretty! It was even brighter than this.

I have two pretty burgundy hollyhocks that grace the back of my garage. I love how dark they are.

I never get tired of the daylilies. Each year they keep putting on a better show. These are Betsy Ross’s.

I have a show coming up this weekend in Fort Wayne, at Freiman Square. I have this new piece finished to add to my booth. I was thinking one day how many cats we have loved and lost because that’s the way it is. I put in all different patterns to represent them. They all held a special place in my heart.

This pool brings such pleasure for me. I had to take a picture because it was so blue and nice. We swam in it and just enjoyed the day off. I hope you had a great 4th of July too. God Bless America, Land That I Love!

New Listing up in Shop

My newest painting “For You” has been added to my online shop. I have been diligently working to get all my work ready for the art show “For the Love of Art” in South Bend on March 4th at the Century Center. This painting was fun to do. I really enjoyed the line art over the grey background. Here is the link to my shop if you would like to look around.


New Painting

A painting I started a few weeks ago. I pictured rows of hearts with a neutral background.

The words were added first before the details.

I have added a lot of fun elements along with outlining the hearts.

A flying bird


The bottom hearts are indigo.

Added some violets and a caterpillar.

The profile needs some decorations.

A cat stretching with a butterfly on it’s nose. This was a fun painting to create. It will be up in my shop this week to purchase prints. I haven’t picked a name yet.

Book Review: After You by Jojo Moyes

This book was the sequel to “Me Before You” the earlier book review. It picked up Louisa in Paris and her trying to live the life that Will wanted and provided for her to live. She tried to do this but was very sad. Maybe if she would have waited after she knew she was ready to move on it would have worked out better. She really just needed to heal first. She had an accident, reunited with her family, started eventually dating the ambulance driver and had unknown daughter of Will come into her life.

As my friend Theresa tells me, ” I am glad I read the book, but it wasn’t as good as the first”. I feel the same way and from other reviews that is the same sentiment.
So I have now watched the movie “Me Before You” and read the sequel “After You”, I feel I have now gotten it out of my system and can move on.
Don’t hesitate to read the book because it has a good story, just don’t expect the tear jerking feeling that the first book brought on.
Thanks for stopping!

New Painting-Earth Peace

I started this painting on a 10 X 10 canvas with the idea of an angel and a dimensional earth. For the earth I used half of a Styrofoam ball and wrapped it with plaster cloth. I let it dry for three days until it did not feel damp., then I painted it with acrylic paint. The halo is very thin jute braided and glued on with heavy gel medium. The earth is also glued on with a good layer of heavy gel medium as it is not heavy at all.

The finished painting. Generally I do not use a well known quote but I felt that this resonated with everyone as a song. We all need to work on Peace by being kind to our earth, to fellow man and to our animals. The owl is of course representing wisdom and the hearts love. I really really liked the gold that I used for the halo and her dress. It was the first time I opened this bottle and it is Golden brand Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) and also the first time I used golden Quinacridone Magenta as in the flowers.

Wrapping around some of the images on the side for interest.

The opposite side. This is up in my Etsy shop if you would like to purchase a print. As always, thanks for stopping.

Santa with his light up cheeks


I was taking pictures of the front of the house and the flash happened to be on and I liked the effect but it doesn’t do it justice.


That’s much better! Snowflake lights, little lighted up trees and lighted lanterns. The far box window has a little tree with red lights on it this year, it’s good.


For the sake of time this year I put up a small tree. We have a very large one but we didn’t have the manpower today to set it up. Old, old, old quilt underneath to cover the table. It is even double sided, the other side is a crazy quilt. It is heavy and made with wool. The tree skirt I bought at a quilt show.


A closeup of a Santa. I like the way he has been made to look old.


A large carved and painted Santa. His face is so different from the previous one.


This little one is made of plaster of paris. My Mother had a mold and painted one for each of the families.


I found him on the bargain table in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. I like his simplicity.


A tiny Boyd Bear dressed in a Santa coat. A surprise from my husband one year. The letters I painted.


A close up of his sweet face.


This girl loves this blanket! Her fur is so smooth and shiny!


Lights on the foyer cabinet.


This Santa has a button on his hand and when you push it his cheeks light up. I believe it was a Hallmark promotion one year.


Sticks with lights I put in a large corner vase. I leave them on as night lights.


I mentioned in a previous post that I just love these faux candles and scratch my head why I didn’t buy some before. I moved these over into the black bookcase and they show up quite well.


The new snowflake garland. Those led lights really put off a brightness! It just about lights up my studio from the outside.


Outside lanterns with fax candles also. I love them, the wind doesn’t blow them out.


My spindly little outdoor trees, I do love them. They were just what I was looking for. I may do a little more with them or I may just leave them as they are. I have some white snowflakes and red bows which would be pretty when daytime comes. I hope your decorating is coming along too.

The Beauty of the World


This last weekend our neighbors asked if we would take care of their animals while they were gone. We love doing this gladly. I was walking along the side of the house and came across these beautiful flowers and thought “OH, these are so cool! To me they look like zinnias but they are candy striped.


Another one with a little different design. So gorgeous!


The neighbor on the other side has this tree that I can see out my kitchen window. Here I am showing you it framed in the mutton.


For some reason it just looks so stunning from my window but I went outside and got a closeup for you.


Then further back. The day turned cooler but sunny. The humidity went away and it was so nice to be outside.


During this time of the year I love it when the blue of the sky is darker and it gives the colorful trees a nice background. The farmers have gotten their crops in and the neutral colored ground is lovely.


Another set of trees with the darker blue background. Standing outside with a little breeze, the temps are nice and the smell of a wood fire somewhere. Life is good!


Using the bird for art


I clean a couple of car dealership buildings in the morning during the week. The windows do not stay clean so I don’t think this is the problem but Savannah (she works there also) and I have talked about this and we think that possibly the birds are drawn to a tree that is just inside the door. The birds must see it and fly toward it and hit the window and that’s all she wrote….dead. The third bird in a month and a half has perished in the same area. I feel bad just throwing the body into the trash, so I thought I might use it first for some pictures. Kind of donating the body. I wrapped it up in paper towels and then newspaper and put it in my purse. At 9:00 that evening I remembered I had it in there and thought I needed to use it and then dispose of the body. I have a hard time drawing bird feet so I especially took many pictures of the little sparrows feet.


Then the little beak.


His feather design is beautiful.


Feet placement and feather designs.


Feather design and feet placement and the way the side feathers lay. I took 26 pictures so I used his body well. I wrapped him up and gently placed the birdie in the trash. Tomorrow I believe I will move the tree. Hopefully there will not be anymore casualties…..