New Art-Joyfully Flying

This is Lauryn, and today I delivered her original canvas painting that she ordered. She loves hummingbirds and then after some brainstorming we decided on a sunflower and a poppy.

We also determined that she like quotes to my happiness! I found a perfect one that works so well with this painting. The author of the quote….Amethyst Wyldfyre (I love this spelling!) Was talking about a hummingbird. The piece of the quote that I used is: I fly joyfully through my days, seeing beauty everywhere.

The canvas size was 6X6 so I was able to put the quote on two of the sides. I enjoy sides decorated too, so it worked out really well.

I had the sunflower drape around the one side and I used my favorite Iridescent Bright Gold by Golden to outline, gave it some zing!

The poppy was draping over a corner which made it interesting. I feel that I got the most out of this 6 X 6 canvas.

This print is listed in my etsy shop now and I have it in two sizes. 11 X 11 to fit a 12 X 12 frame… or…. 7 1/2 X 7 1/2 to fit a 12 X 12 frame with an 8 X 8 matte. It’s a happy painting and I sure enjoyed doing it for her!


Mittens, a quilt and art

I was going through my studio closet today and found this little quilt top that I had made three years ago. I have it all marked to quilt. It has a little bit of everything on it. Embroidery, applique and piecing. I doubt if I get to it this year as I will be working hard to get a new inventory ready for the 2018 art shows. I had forgotten how cute it was. I had no pattern for this, it was all trial and error. The words around the edge are: Be Happy, Follow your Heart, Show Kindness, Find Bliss, Love Yourself, Take Care of the Earth, Hugs are Good, Stop and Smell the Flowers, Dance.

My friend, Karla from Kansas City Mo, was making mittens to sell at craft fairs for Christmas. I asked her if she would make me a pair also, and they are so beautiful. The yarn is so soft and the embroidery is fantastic. What a work of art!

I follow an artist who has named her business Soul Whisper Arts, she was offering a bundle of items so I treated myself to them. This is one of her prints that was included. It is precious and is called “up, up and away”.

This painting I finished right before I did the Louisville show in October. I did not have time to scan it and add it to my Etsy shop. Today I did that. It takes a bit of time to do one that is this big. The size is 20 X 40 and it doesn’t fit on my scanner. It has to be scanned in pieces and then the computer magically puts it all together. I wanted to depict Kentucky with the horse farm and the white fences and the tree lined driveway. I also added a Ford Super Duty truck because they would need that to pull the horse trailers and also there were two Ford Factories in Louisville. The title of this painting is “Home” and the quote that I have used is by Laura Ingalls Wilder…HOME is the nicest word there is.  This painting is for sale and also prints can be purchased in my Etsy shop. If you are interested send a message to me.