Summer Garden Painting


When I start a painting I usually just have the basic idea first. I draw it in the sketchbook first to see if that idea works at all. I knew I wanted to do swirly flowers and a grey and white background on a 24 X 24 inch stretched canvas.


I then just walk by it for a couple of days to decide what I want to do next. I knew I needed to add some different flowers with various types of leaves.



Summer Garden without watermark

Then again I just walk by the easel for a day or two deciding what else I want. In this case it was dandelions with floating seeds a dragonfly, grasshopper and a quote by Heinrich Heine. This Summer Garden is alive with activity,and will make a happy addition on someones wall. A print of this can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.

Super Hero Jesus

Superhero Jesus with watermark

This is a watercolor painting that I did 8 years ago in my first and only watercolor class in college. The assignment was to do a superhero. I chose to depict Jesus as the original superhero. This class was the last that the Professor Maury Papier taught before his retirement, and it made me fall in love with the medium. I have learned much since that class 8 years ago and continue on that journey. Sometimes I believe I will make another that will hopefully be considerably more polished but I feel this one has a certain charm about it and I am going to put it in my Etsy shop if anyone would want an archival print of it. I love his face and intense eyes, hair and peace sign belt buckle and I think he looks good in white boots. A whole different take on the original superhero. Hope you have a wonderful week and as always, thanks for checking in.

I don’t crochet


This last Sunday we had some very informative genealogy doin’s going on here. The lady’s from left to right are Tom’s sister Ellen, Cousin Patty, Cousin Margaret on their mothers side. Margaret was our genealogy presenter. It was very interesting and we learned things that didn’t seem to be brought out before or were misconceptions. We saw family photos that no one had seen before either. Margaret had gathered a lot of information.  I do think it is interesting that they seemed to dress that morning in the same shades of clothing. They were sticking their feet in the pool waiting to swim. Tom was doing a sweep of it first. Some days there is just not enough time for everything.


I don’t crochet and I admire people who do. I just can’t wrap my brain around the instructions. I was thrilled that Margaret chose to share these wonderful wash cloths that she made. They are very soft and pretty. I was very lucky.


Close up of the pattern and color. I love to get handmade items. Thank you!