Some favorites

The day has been pretty foggy mostly with peeks of sun. It is supposed to be more sunny tomorrow. I would like to see farther out to sea.

The loons were right in front and it was fun to hear them and watch them dive and pop up in another area.

This seagull was doing a flyby and had something in his beak, possibly a crab? I liked how I was able to capture his wings in flight.

Just a pretty planted yard in Bar Harbor.

A stone fence is beautiful.

Just a different view.

Lobster boat heading out.

A hotel had this planted, such a wonderful array of posies.


A yard full of lobster traps.

Window boxes full of geraniums. We are having a great time and having some R and R. We will see what tomorrow brings and I will share.Thanks for checking in.

Looking forward to a little down time

My husband Tom and I are preparing to leave for Maine this weekend for some soul rejuvenation. I feel that nature does that, I also think that a painting is in the future with some wording like that. It has been a busy few months. I have done art shows in Indianapolis, Northville Michigan, La Grange Kentucky and Fort Wayne, IN. There is much preparation for shows and I always feel very stressed the week of the show and now we are going to have some well needed down time. I have found that no matter how much I sell at a show I always come away with more than that. I meet many people, who get introduced to my work. I get a lot of good feedback which means so much. My helpers are top notch and I enjoy spending time with them. It’s fun and hard work growing my art business. This painting is a print of my “In the Pines” and my sister Linda had it framed. It just looks so lovely.

This was taken on the Fourth of July from my back porch of the downtown Fort Wayne fireworks. I couldn’t see all of them but the tall ones were bright.

The video above, I took from my booth at Three Rivers Art Fair in Fort Wayne. Our booth was tucked behind the statue of Anthony Wayne on his horse, which drew a lot of folks to it but I feel that our placement didn’t draw the crowds like others. I have asked for a different spot next year. The kids loved climbing on it, many had their picture taken with it and the horse was anatomically correct with the 10-12 year old boys laughing and pointing at it. This cat painting was a hit and¬† my sister Linda purchased it, she loved it so much. What a complement. I have prints though in my¬†etsy shop, and which a few purchased at the show. .

My customer that purchased the original In The Pines sent a picture showing where she put it. I was quite thrilled to get it!

Such fun it was to carve new stamps for my note cards! So connect to my facebook page and instagram because I will be posting pictures of our trip along the way. I’m so excited!!

It’s Been a Great Day

I buy only Bath and Body works hand soap because I find it doesn’t dry my hands out and the scents I just love. I usually buy 8 to 10 at a time so I don’t have to run to the store often. I just opened this one and I highly recommend it, Sweet Mint Mimosa. It makes hand washing a pleasure, not just something you have to do.

The day wasn’t too hot or too humid and the skys tonight are just gorgeous!

The sunset through the tree, pretty! It was even brighter than this.

I have two pretty burgundy hollyhocks that grace the back of my garage. I love how dark they are.

I never get tired of the daylilies. Each year they keep putting on a better show. These are Betsy Ross’s.

I have a show coming up this weekend in Fort Wayne, at Freiman Square. I have this new piece finished to add to my booth. I was thinking one day how many cats we have loved and lost because that’s the way it is. I put in all different patterns to represent them. They all held a special place in my heart.

This pool brings such pleasure for me. I had to take a picture because it was so blue and nice. We swam in it and just enjoyed the day off. I hope you had a great 4th of July too. God Bless America, Land That I Love!

Packing My Bags

Excited to venture down into Kentucky for my first art show there. If you are in the area of La Grange Kentucky, which is 20 minutes east of Louisville, stop by. Arts on the Green is located around the courthouse and jail. It should be a great time. Show hours: Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 5:00. Here is the website.

Let me tell you about the kittens

This story starts way back at the end of January. The adult cat shown here )which we now call her Mama) would come and sit on the porch furniture. This furniture is outside my studio window. She would stare at me with hungry eyes every night. Of course I would feed her. Then it got to be I would see her in the morning and the evening.When I would take her food out she was very skittish and would always stop and look behind her like someone was after her. I would never make the attempt to pet her because she was just very wild but hungry. We went along like this through the month of February and half of March and I felt we were getting quite a rapport going. So about mid march I decided to bend down every time after I put the food down and touch her back. She seemed startled at first but didn’t run away.Eventually I made it a whole hand touch along her back. Then she started rubbing against my legs and I knew we were getting somewhere. Then April came and I noticed with the longer days that she was gaining weight. Her belly was getting larger but I didn’t think unusually big. Then one day I saw her go places like behind the house, down to the pond where she very rarely goes. I felt like maybe birthing time was coming soon.Back in February when it was really cold I would not see her for a couple of days or maybe even a week, I had no idea where she was holding up. So this time she was gone for a couple of days and when she showed back up again she was much thinner and had blood on her backside so I knew she had the kittens. I didn’t know if they were stillborn or how many. I would start feeding her more food though and she was eating it voraciously. She started showing up again in the morning and evenings but didn’t stick around, ate and ran. I would tell her “Mama, where are your babies or Mama, bring the babies here. She would just eat and run.

I would never see a sign of them, and she would go back in different directions. Then one day Tom was shutting the pool cover and one must have been hanging on and popped out but got scared and ran back under. There was a small open area by the motor and she had brought the kittens there. I think that was amazing because how would she even know that was there? Well the one kitten got caught on the rope and died, but when we opened it up I had 4 other faces looking up at me. She had had five kittens! She had to have moved then to that spot recently because Tom had power washed under that to get all the leaves out. This was not a safe place and we left the lid open for her to get them out.

She did and they were all gone the next day. We buried the kitten with sadness and waited to see if she would return. The next evening she did come back to eat and we were joyful for that. We felt so bad about the baby. A week went by and our routine was back but one morning I look out on the chair and I see her with lumps all over her. I knew then she had brought the babies back.

I took this picture of them that day. The fourth kitten was very scared and would always run away. I haven’t gotten a picture of that one yet.

She is a good mama and keeps a very close eye on them. Soon after she brought them they would start eating the food that I put down for her. Then she would take them somewhere for a couple of days and then bring them back. We didn’t know what was going through her head but we didn’t think they were far away, maybe in one of the neighbors bushes. The kittens are such a pleasure to watch play and run.

Here we are trying to get them used to humans. They are doing really well. I have the three I could catch in a crate because they were becoming more curious. I wanted them close and not be hit and they are doing well with it, Mama too. I think it is a relief for her.

Mama has extra toes, this is called polydactal and there is a 50% chance that the kittens will have it too, and they do.

This was taken while they were still running around. A box I had in case Mama wanted to bring them there. The kittens liked it.

They were peeking at me from behind the steps. I can’t stand that, it’s so cute!

So the first one got adopted today. My niece Angie and her husband and family took the all grey male and named him Willie. He fell asleep in Bryan’s arms here, I think he took to him. I also saw a picture that he was sleeping on the couch already. He went off in his own new little carrier too.


I have another one spoken for and that will leave two. I hope that Mama will get tired of nursing the kitten, right now the two of them are off in the neighbors bushes. I think she has Mama wrapped around her little paw. Maybe I will see her in the morning. 

Mama and I have come a long way, she sits on my lap, licks my hands, did a head bump on me too. That’s the ultimate. I truly feel blessed that she trusted us enough to bring the babies to us. It’s been a treat!! 

The Evolution of a Painting

I wanted this painting to be on a 36 X 36 stretched canvas and I had in my mind a blue sky with various blues. Along with this I added white and a little hot pink to give some lavender hues. Texture is very important and I added molding paste to fluorescent pink and orange to make the snapdragon flowers pop out under the blue sky. Wallpaper was used to make the leaves.

This sky outside of our window one day looked so similar to my painting I had to add it in.

The flower building began. There is a combination of two different photographs that caught my interest using the kinds of flowers and colors. The little white trailing flowers are also made with titanium white paint and molding paste.

Adding splotches of wanna be flowers all the way to the bottom.

Then they needed to be bigger and bolder.

The various background greens were added from very dark to bright lime.

Leaves and stems were added along with interest marks and flower colors were changed. Yellow flowers were changed to various oranges and each flower has some fluorescent color added. I named this painting “Under the Blue Sky”. It is for sale and email me if you are interested.


Broad Ripple Art Fair this weekend!

Imagine yourself sitting at the bottom of a hill and you look up to see a beautiful evening sky with a hint of pink, surrounded by a sea of color. This is my newest painting, “Under the Blue Sky”. It will be for sale along with many others at the Broad Ripple art fair in Indianapolis.

When I started this painting I knew I wanted snapdragons with a lot of texture. The sky, then the snapdragons then I wasn’t sure which way I was going. Intuitive painting is putting down paint on a canvas and then eventually it will turn into something to work with. You stand back and start seeing different elements, shapes, colors. Check out the Indianapolis Art Center site and come visit us at booth 117.


Good Stuff

I have had a tough time getting together an interesting blog post but finally I have enough pictures to pull one off (at least I think so).

I was walking around the yard today to see what was blooming and this little lilac bunch was open enough to smell. Don’t you just love the smell of lilacs in the spring?

This is the second egg I have found in this condition. I believe it is a dove egg.

It is under this nest. Last year a robin built the nest and used it but this year I saw a dove in it. I don’t know what happens in the nest if the dove is too big (she was filling it up pretty well) or if the robin comes back and kicks them out.

I have many of these popping up in my flower bed and I think they are balloon flowers. They should be putting on quite a display when they bloom, there are that many.

Primroses blooming in my garden. They are so pretty and in the background are the johnny jump ups.

Yesterday I was cleaning the dealership and in the waiting area I found this little quilted heart. It was between magazines that I was straightening. When you find one of these you are supposed to go report it on this site. Also the story behind these little hearts is interesting. The tag on it says “Take me, I need a home.” It was a real day brightener.

My friend Michelle sent this card to me this week. It was a day brightener too! Such a bunch of goodness! Hope you are experiencing some too. Thanks for stopping.

He just couldn’t stand to be left out

It has been a few weeks since I posted. I had an art show to prepare for, sometimes it is a one week process and sometimes two, this one was two. It was the Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi Michigan. My friend Theresa helped me and we were gone 3 1/2 days. It was a fun and successful show. I made lots of new contacts and I will definitely go back next year if they will have me.

Then my husband and I are on our 3rd cold of 2017 and it just zapps my creativity. I feel I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though.
It also helps to have sunshine and warmth because that makes all the spring trees and flowers pop. I got out and walked around the house to see what there was. My creeping phlox is putting on a good show. This was a two year ago transplant from my neighbor. These are so pretty when they mound up in the landscaping.

When I saw the daffodils I had forgotten how pretty they were, these are like double daffys. It looks like it has a big nose hanging out the middle.

Loved the darker bits of orange in this one. Mmm…so so pretty.

We had the landscapers come and cut down the old, pull the weeds and lay the mulch. We just had a time with it last year. So glad we did it because what they did in 6 hours we would have taken days!! with sore backs. Here is a small bit in the front of the house and my johnny jump ups look so happy!

Here is my unusually colored coral bell.

A hot purple creeping phlox too.

My small and spindly Red Bud, but I am thankful for the blooms.

It hopes to be someday like the neighbors beautiful big Red Bud.

Oh Pavel, Pavel pounding on the glass door like I don’t see him.

He just hated to be left out of the fun. Hope you enjoyed my flowers, and as always…Thanks for stopping!

Beginning the day

I am so thrilled that the camera picked up the colors of this mornings sunrise perfectly. This is what it looked like my friends. I couldn’t let it go by, from the clouds to the colors. This is for those who slept in and missed this beauty and those of us that just sigh when we look at it.

The silhouettes of the trees and the wispy clouds.

This color combo is my favorite….

I put this wreath on a back door of our house, one that can be seen from the road. Last year I had a finch build a nest and raise her babies till they flew away. It is a perfect spot because it is sheltered from the wind, disguised by the twigs and away from predators. She is a pretty smart lady and she is back again. All is well.

See how it can hardly be noticed? I wouldn’t have paid attention if I wouldn’t have heard all the birds chattering between themselves.

It is all ready for the eggs. Last year there were five and that nest was full of birds and poop. Then one day poof, the nest was empty. It was very neat to watch. I just love nature! Thanks for stopping.