Pile of Cats

Today the kittens are five weeks old. I had to capture this rare moment of non movement. They are funny because they can fall asleep anywhere in the room, but eventually they will migrate back together into this pile.

Four of the six are using the litter box, which is fabulous! I can’t wait till the other two catch on to this great idea, it will make my workload lighter.

Sorry these pictures are blurry, it’s because they are moving all the time when they are not eating or sleeping. When I come into the room immediately I have two or three standing on my shoes. You really have to be careful when you are walking around.

Then they will start climbing my leg, and when I have capris on I will look down and see blood running down my leg. I went in to get a pedicure and had to explain about all the scratches around my ankles.

They are so funny and cute and such a joy!

On My Camera

This past weekend I participated in the Arts and Apple Art Fair in Rochester Michigan north of Detroit. It is put on by Paint Creek Center for the Arts. This is Paint Creek and it was behind my booth.

It was held in the Municipal Park and my tent is the one with the rounded top on the curve of the sidewalk. I was in the area of trees and had to wear a jacket often.

I brought this painting along with me to work on in my room. I plan to have this it done for the Art at the Riverside show in Leo, IN on Sept. 23rd. I did this 3 day show solo and I missed my helpers, but it is always good to know that one can get the job done alone.  I did have help from a neighboring artist to bring down my tent roof though.

Felicia from housekeeping left a note for me, that she liked my painting. I really appreciated that.

I am so happy to say that our kittens are growing nicely. They are the sweetest little creatures! We have forever homes for every one of them, makes my heart sing.

Beautiful sunset to end our day before we are supposed to get some rain. We do need some. Thinking of all the people who have been affected by the recent hurricanes, what an event!

We are three weeks old today

I am just amazed at how fast the kittens grow! I took the previous post pictures on sunday and now they can walk so much better. I sit on the floor and some come over and climb up my leg. They are just so CUTE!

Walking around and meowing with each step.

When they are in the box they bump into each other, wrestle and chew ears, paws. It has been really fun to watch them develop and each has their own personality for sure.

Kitten #6

This little boy was born last, he took his time coming into the world.

He also has the darkest fur.

He also has pretty markings on his face.

He is very laid back and I find him sleeping a lot. I was worried about him at first but I see him pushing his way through to get dinner too.

Kitten #5

I took this picture first of the little grey striped male because I find him many times on his back sleeping, not a care in the world. This little guy is the first born, he is the only one right now that I see kind of playing by slapping others with his paw. I also have found him trying to scratch his ear with his back foot, it’s really cute.

He is going to be a really pretty cat.

He can walk pretty well for only being two weeks old.

What can I say, he is a sweetheart. I am quite prejudice, after all I helped deliver them.

Kitten #4

This little girl is the loudest, so loud Mama had to come up and sit with her during the photo shoot!

She has the most toes.

She has the most tiger stripes.

I think she is going to look a lot like her mom!

She is also the strongest. She is a go getter!

She knows what she wants and is beautiful.

Kitten #3

This little boy is just real easy going. Just goes with the flow.

He seemed a little camera shy and didn’t like that lens pointing at him though.

I finally got a front view of him. Look at him sitting there with his little paws out in front of him.

He is a really nice little guy and would make a fine pet for someone.


This little grey and white female was protesting her picture being taken or wasn’t happy that I woke her up.

Good picture of her sweet face.

She was protesting so much Mama had to jump up and give her a snuggle.

Her back legs are strong and she gets around pretty well for a little over two weeks old.

Little bit of stripes on her tail and more grey than white.

Kitten #1

I am going to have a post for each kitten so people who are interested in giving them a good home will have a close up they can study. As of today 08-27-17 they are two weeks and three days old. All their eyes are open and they are moving around on unsteady legs. This is a little male kitten. He is the only one with dark legs and look at all his toes. He will be able to balance himself well.

Here is his sweet face and his personality is sweet also. I was sitting on the floor with the kittens and he climbed up into my lap and stayed there.

As like all of them, he is just a peanut right now, comparing to the size of my hand. He has pretty blue eyes right now, that probably won’t stay that way I suppose. Little bit of tiger striping on the front and such a face!

The back legs are not strong yet, but they can still move around where they want to go, which isn’t far from Mama.

So this is kitten #1, just a little more than a handful at two weeks and three days.

Five Days Old

Five days old and they are getting stronger. I was changing the bedding and had everyone out of the box on a sheet. Left the room for a moment and came back and a grey one had crawled 4 feet away and was crying and mom was getting frustrated. I got everything all put back to normal and everyone calmed down. In this picture it appears that everyone has a full belly for the moment.

A Mamas love.

Love their sweet little faces and paws.

This picture I took at my studio window. These two are from her litter that she had the last week of April. Miggy, the kitten inside is one who joined the family. I call the one outside Pookey and he is the one that we couldn’t catch. Well since I have Mama confined with her kittens he has finally let us pet him and is becoming super loving. His neck looks funny because he was bit a few weeks ago and it got infected and he rubbed the fur off. Since he couldn’t be caught it couldn’t be addressed but it is now healing nicely because I was able to clean it and put antibiotic cream on it. The fur is now growing back. Soon I will be able to have him tame enough to transport and get neutered and such. So the two of them talk to each other through the window.

I just loved the face of the kitten behind her head. So stinkin sweet.